I'm looking for a fancy distribution to replace my hand-made configuration. Which distribution do you use (if you do)? Please tell me via reply, if you use another!

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@dirkr I switched to emacs by using spacemacs in vim-mode. After some time I really started to love the emacs packages. Spacemacs helps a lot.

@Malrak I‘ll think about it! I am so used to use him, as it is so ubiquious. I will try spacevim at first and maybe will even try emacs/spacemacs (after a 20 years break ;)

@dirkr I use this one and very happy
Spf13 sadly is 4 years old and I would not use it

@rhizoet thanks for the link!

After posting the poll I also encountered, that my options are quiet outdated. I used them before I created my own config. I will try your recommendation.

@dirkr My VIM config is 1 page long, mainly fixes indention that I need for system administration, and enables features. Every plugin means I have to distribute that across all my servers.

@zem Mine is quiet longer. ;)

Mainly it‘s filetype plugins, a theme and some plugins to make I’m IDE like.

I have a dotfiles repo that helps to distribute the config (also tonic, Usher, git, etc. ) across many servers. It works, just the vim config is sub-optimal.

@malte I‘ll tell you about any progress in this case :)

@dirkr what do you mean with a #vim _distribution_?

is it a workable .vimrc and plugins?

I'd say just start from scratch and only add things that you really need for the 80-90% of your tasks

1) use default vim settings instead of plugins when possible (like a good statusline, netrw)

2) set relativenumber " relative line numbers

3) use persistent undo

4) watch/implement

5) USE #vim as an editor, not as a tweaking object

@dirkr and if you like #vim very much, use different programs that have vim keybinds (ranger vifm qutebrowser mutt) instead of turning vim into a do-it-all-console

@meine Thanks for your remarks. Indeed I have such a setup of vimrc and a set of plugins (see, but there are some unwanted side effects that need special care. E.g. a (part of) key combination triggers an unwanted action. And I do not have fun fixing this.

@dirkr conflicting keybindings indeed is frustrating and changing keybindings might be a challenging puzzle. between #vim plugins it should be avoided by design, but conflicts are also possible with e.g. your window manager.

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