Sounds great, I've installed the app but it doesn't find any public feeds at Pixelfeld.social

I'll try again tomorrow or ask the support.
Thanks a lot so far 😊


@SDF @PaulaToThePeople

Thanks for the hint, SDF.ORG!
Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. I've sent @apps a PN but got no answer so far. I don't want to comment on Playstore since the app should appear positive there.

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Pixelfed allows to hide the public local timeline. So if it doesn't work, that means the admin decided to hide it (a token is required).

@dansup could you confirm? Thanks.

@SDF @PaulaToThePeople

@apps @lukasweidinger @dansup @PaulaToThePeople

Yes @dansup states here that the public timeline is not visible by design and that you can use discover which allows users to 'opt in' their posts:


This works for not logged:


click on monthly to see public posts.

Wow. Thank you, I didn't notice that the api endpoint changed.
We will proceed to the update.
@SDF @lukasweidinger

@apps @SDF @lukasweidinger @PaulaToThePeople It never changed, but in the process of refactoring a bug was introduced to the /api/v1/timelines/public endpoint so I will fix that so you don't need to change the endpoint!

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