My personal experience still suffers from crossposts from , with user names that don't make sense in the .

I can unfollow crossposter's accounts, but I don't want to unfollow everyone who boosts a twitter crosspost.

Please, , let's boost the fediverse, not twitter. If we want to share a good tweet, let's treat it like any other URL from the web.

What i find most astonishing is the number of crossposts from twitter! In my opinion it should always be the other way around. The superior system should feed the less superior one.

@zem It's a choice made by many individuals, expressing which platform and community they value less.

looks like if there are many people not caring about freedom.

@zem @marian I prefer to post long-form here because of the flexibility and more meaningful conversations. Short quips probably fit better over there. Twitter is basically one big chatroom for me

@zem @marian I think we suffer from an odd paradox where in many cases the best people are on the worse platform

I very much appreciate your contribution and I fully support it.

@marian and if you're going to post a twitter message on another network, post TEXT. Please! I hate having a friend stream full of pictures of text.

@marian as a potential minor relief, you can hide boosts from people who mostly boost crossposters without unfollowing them... it's not perfect but if you have such people it can help.
Also works great for people who just boost too much (I know I'd do that on myself if I were following me xD)

@marian du kannst unter Einstellungen->Filter einzelne Keywords filtern und so z.B. twitter oder @twitter filtern, auch praktisch wenn EurovisionSongContest oder Tatort ist und ich die Hashtags somit nicht sehen muss ;)

@marian What I would like to say is that people are not abusing this fed universe in such a way that it appears as if they don’t care for it ,but they want to include it. Like links to other platforms.

@marian @Gargron Even worse, people that “RT from twitter” by copying the original tweet without any link to it.

Some people are saying just block them or use the filters features, however that does not always work.
The accounts are based on fediverse, and some of them try to avoid being seen as a crossposter intentionally. There are instances where they don't link anything to twitter directly on their toots, and only send abstract messages that are remotely relevant to the fediverse contexts.

@marian just to be clear, are you upset with posting on Twitter and Mastodon or cross posting apps?

@grabe I'm sure crossposts are usually done automatically by some crossposting apps.

If somebody goes and manually posts the same message on Twitter and e. g. Mastodon, I have no issue with that. Usually in that case there are no @-mentions or re-tweets involved.

@marian I disagree because I find the cross-posting convenient.

I only intentionally cross-post from Twitter, by retweet or writing a tweet not starting with @.

This is done carefully to ensure people on both sides get a coherent feed of toots/tweets from me.

Though, Twitter has it hard because it often gets just links to mastodon.

This applies to this account, not the one which posts German content and has no equivalent on Twitter (maybe it should).


How is it to live on instance having watermelon in its name?

Hint: climate change activistss are like watermelons. Green outside red inside.

@PawelK I think it's common in Poland, isn't it? My parents named me after who is Slovakian.

Yep thats why I thought origin is polish initially. Kewl man. It mustve been brave to name a German kid after eastern european star.

As on this one I dont know. I would like solution with instance or set of instances cloning twitter. Block this or all such instances and you muted all of it. Just an idea. Why not choose how to solve it in democratic way by poll or something?

@PawelK My approach was raising awareness in users, so they can reflect their behaviour. Hoping that this leads to some netiquette-like behaviour change.

Not sure I'm reaching the ones that are causing the issue, as many of them don't tend to listen here.

Agreed! Many of us came here to escape other social media. While it’s true that the web was designed to share info from disparate sources as widely as possible, it’s still annoying to keep finding Twitter and Facebook cross posted. Let’s support the #fediverse instead.

@marian One time I found a really cool image on twitter (I don't go there very often) but I couldn't "boost" it to mastodon, so I decided to just send a link. So yeah, I agree with your point.

I think you can filter posts containing " RT " (note the spaces). If it happens that you also filter out Russian state propaganda by mistake, well, that's life...

@marian I'd ask to differ between boosting retweets and best-effort synchronization.
Something that starts with "RT @..." requires context that can't be taken for granted. But eg. in the (nascent) @RIOT account we filter out retweets (they don't make sense here) and the content producers there are aware their messages reach farther. At-mentions persist (a la "Event... featuring X Y (@xy)"). Do you consider those viable, or have suggestions on how to replicate better?

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