Want to follow a account?

1. Go to
2. Enter the account's Twitter handle
3. Copy the resulting account handle
4. Search in Mastodon for that handle
5. Click "Follow"

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I can't vouch for the reliability of that service. The term "beta" should help to manage expectations.

@marian wow, this actually looks really useful, I'll use it for sure

@marian This is what I've been looking for for a long time! It's not important to have be completely stable, I'm okay with missing out -- but is there some way one can contribute to the hosting, say with @Liberapay ? If/when I'm done with my thesis I may also be able to contribute code, I love it!

@marian Ah, just realized, its a different persons project :')

@marian @ljrk yeah and... not mandatory. Like really. Only support if you're doing well. I mean it.
I only run a patreon so that people can support initiatives they like but I really don't need it.

@NicolasConstant @marian Ah, as I student I will then pass for the time being and hopefully contribute in code or similar later. Thanks for building this awesome project!

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