@Norbert Tretkowski @JC Brand @Albatroz Jeremias the coolest thing would be a conversejs bundled with prosody bundled with each mastodon instance (docker for example) where masto creds would allow login to xmpp server and having converse embeded in masto ui. Similar to what diaspora did.

@muppeth @ajeremias

I heard some Pleroma people were working on something like this. Don't know the status of it though.

@jcbrand @muppeth @ajeremias not quite the same thing. They just mean making clickable XMPP links. We have that already. We also do support XMPP integration via MongooseIM XMPP server so your Pleroma users all get an XMPP account for free, basically

@feld @muppeth @ajeremias muppeth wasn't talking about clickable links, he's talking about integrating Converse.js with Mastodon

@jcbrand @muppeth @ajeremias I can't see any posts by muppeth in this thread so I think this caused my confusion.

We ran into major issues integrating it. Eventually solved auto-login on first page load, but continued to struggle with focus issues between converse and our FE on certain browsers

@feld @muppeth @ajeremias

I'd like to help you get it working if you're still up for that.

I'm the author of Converse.js and can help to fix or change things to make it integrate better into Pleroma.

@JC Brand @feld ⛸ I guess this is because of the stupid thing of always mentoin everyone in the thread which sometimes I dont do (i'm on hubzilla side) also I think there might be some issues with federation to pleroma as it's not the first time I hear that pleroma and hubzilla dont see echother.

BTW. it's time to revive conversejs plugin for hubzilla. I read @poVoq was working on that some time ago. I have it on my todo for february so will poke around and see how can I help hime with that.
@feld ⛸ how difficult would it be to integrate Pleroma with an existing ejabberd server?

@norbert looks like its merged into master, I haven't seen any xmpp lings floating around the fediverse lately but I wonder if its live on m.s

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