@norbert And why? Because if you want to reach a large crowd of people, you will most likely choose the tool that is being used by the largest crowd of people. And all this happens while the FLOSS and privacy communities keep on insisting that judging a tool by the count of users on it is just irrelevant marketing fuzz. At the moment, we see *why* this is important... 😟

fighting the medical pandemic by a privacy pandemic disease...

@norbert Yeah because people are very good at installing whatsapp and facebook, but “ahhh, Signal? it
looks complicated”. Sad story, I had to install whatsapp to keep in touch with my team. Vomiting a bit and rolling my eyes with you.

@norbert Hat mich innerlich auch aufgeregt.

#Threema bietet auch einen Broadcast Dienst an, aber sah man wohl nicht als Alternative.

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