"Bloomberg today released a report on how companies like , , and are working together to put a stop to laws that would make it necessary for companies to provide device schematics, genuine repair parts and repair manuals to independent repair technicians."

@norbert , I thought this had been sorted. if you spend your hard earned cash BUYING a product, you SHOULD own it. If you OWN IT, how can u be denied the right to repair it as you want, or is it a licence to use it??


"The consumers could harm themselves during the repair." ... What an argument. It's better that we keep on producing new iPads and kill kids in Africa that are working in the mines.

Oh a genuine, true and we'll documented cartel! I'm sure this will absolutely lead to robust regulatory action to break up the offending companies.


Thank you so much Apple for looking out for me. You're my friend!

"Many lobbyists and trade groups representing tech companies have fought hard against this law with Apple pointing out that such measures could lead to device damage or consumers harming themselves when attempting to repair their devices."
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