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Read the term for the first time, loving it.
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How can museums improve the usability of collection APIs? We've done a usability study of the APIs @metmuseum @ClevelandArt @smithsonian and @cooperhewitt. Read the findings and download the report on our website:

An 2019 formten sich Mehl, Wasser, Luft und Liebe nach mehreren Fehlversuchen zu diesem wunderbsren . Seitdem bekam ich unzählige leckere Brote und Brötchen. Danke dafür und Happy Birthday, du amorphe Masse. 🎉🍞

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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do!

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Stockholm-Syndrom lässt grüßen. Sachsen-Anhalt wie der ganze Osten, ja das ganze Land, leidet doch unter der von Merz vertretenen Politik der Gewinnmaximierung und Verlustsozialisierung. Langsam wandelt sich die Gesellschaft. Macht keinen Scheiss, macht mit!
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Du denkst, es ist 5 vor 12 und schlimmer kann es nicht mehr kommen. Und die Sachsen-Anhalt: Hold my beer!…

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Video shot by Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Flint) and sent to me as he and other members took cover in the House gallery. You can hear them tell each other to take off their identifying Congressional pins so the terrorists would not know who was a member of Congress.

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Heavy law enforcement detail escorting senators to the Capitol, the joint session is expected to resume at 8pm

Chilling threat sent to air traffic controllers vowing revenge for killing of Iranian general under investigation

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This is easily THE most bizarre advertisement I have seen in quite some time :) I made a mental list of products/services that it could be advertising, but it beat every single expectation or idea into smithereens and my jaw hit the floor as the product reveal happened! 1/2

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BONUS (that wraps up lots of these)

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7/7 Well…you saw what happened when we tried to just hand them a problem, right?

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6/7 Why does my team hide things from me?

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